My fascination with material culture began very early on. As a young Archaeologist, digging in the Near East, I came across a small glazed pot sherd from the Islamic Period. Upon closer inspection, in a greenish-blue glaze staring up at me: a smiley-face. A message, that could not be mistaken, sent from a creator from the past. I would find pieces with fingerprints; see the wheel marks and joins. Through discovery and reconstruction of these finds I could glean some small insight into our ancestors. This connection brought me full circle as I create my Art to reach both forward and back in time connecting the threads that bind human existence across generations. 
I believe in the utility of objects, as well as beauty. I want my work to elicit observation, use and connection with Nature, History and Humanity. Preservation of traditional crafts and study of the past through contemporary artmaking is my artistic expression.